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    I hate not being able to be happy because of one thing. And then just when you think that problems gone, and you feel that it doesn't matter anymore to you.. it comes back. Everything is getting better for me at the moment, except my "bestfriend" who well, I guess is my ex-bestfriend now. She meant so much to me, but just argh I hate her. I don't want anything to do with her ever. I would be happy if I didn't have her coming back all the time and ruining my mood. I just want to be able to forget her, or at least not think about her so it doesn't bother me. Is there anything I can do? I know eventually in time I'll be over her, but it's unfair because I know she's not suffering at all, and it's always like this. She goes and makes me so unhappy while she's perfectly fine. I hate letting her upset ME, when it doesn't mean shit to her. :mad:
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    I know its a really difficult time right now, but try and cut your friend some slack and relax a little, It might be that you friend just doesn't realise how much you care for her, or as it was in my case, many years ago, your friend just might no be capable of feeling the same way back, it was a really hard lesson for me to learn, but sometimes all the love in the wolrd, doesn't make some one love you, in the same way you love them, in my case the guy, just was not capable of feeling those kind of emotions for another guy, it wasn't his fault, it wasn't my fault, it was just the was thing were and by getting all upset and bent out of shape about it, I just made things worse.

    I the end I pushed him out of my life, because it hurt too much, and it was all betting a bit to scarey at the time, I regret that now.
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    what about her makes you unhappy? is it the way she treats you? have you tried talking to her about it? she may not know what she is doing especially if you try to hide the pain it causes you. if you haven't, i think you should try doing that and see what happens. when you do this, remember, some people will get hurt by this, but since you see her as your now ex-best friend, it wouldnt hurt to give it a shot.
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    I had the exact same experience. You really need to just let her go...harder than it sounds, but it's the truth. You WILL get over her as long as you simply cut yourself off from her. If she tries to come back and make up, just simply tell her you don't need that shit in your life. I had a friend who came and went...one day she was my "BFF", the next she was a hardcore biatch. I finally just stopped talking to her.

    Now, even today, sometimes I still miss her for who I THOUGHT SHE WAS, but that was not the real her. The real her was a manipulative, nasty, sometimes sweet and loving but often cruel and audacious BITCH! And I am glad that today I do not allow her to manipulate me (it's been years, and trust me, I am better off).

    The sooner you cut her off, the better you will be.
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    dont let her get to you, do you want whats best for her and yourself in the long run?
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    I used to play it like baseball-3 strikes, you're out. Then i realized life is too short to deal w/ those who mean me more harm than good. it can be lonely for awhile, but i prefer loneliness to pain. As far as doomed relationships of any kind,
    a fast rip is better than a slow tear-like bandages:laugh: