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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by citygirl, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. citygirl

    citygirl Member

    On September 25 I overdosed on < Mod edit Hazel: > and then ended up in a facility for seven days to protect me from myself. It is such a joke. B/c now that I am out I want nothing more than to OD again. I was so close, I don't even remember how I ended up in intensive care. I am so sad someone found me. I could be dead today and not live thru the constant hurt and pain I am experiencing right now. I am just angry that I have to see another day. I was raped and got my heartbroken within 72hours of each other, why do I have to live another day.
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  2. mb75

    mb75 Well-Known Member

    hhmm... why do we have to live another day?.. a question many of us have been asking for a while and yet to find an answer but you know what.. I am happy you are alive... maybe you survived for a reason.....
    I know it's easier said than done, but please don't try it again, at least not anytime soon.... believe it or not, most people here at sf are really nice... reading other people's posts and participating in some of the fun ones can keep you so busy at times that you forget about killing yourself for a while...
    I want to say again that I'm really happy you are alive :hug: :hug:
  3. MrA

    MrA Active Member

    Your guardian angel did a good job!!
    Many people hate to see another day in their life.. but is it really worth to die because of a horrible experience? You still got your whole life in front of you.. maybe a new love expects you.. or a million dollas on the streets?
    Just hang in there.. don't leave us now sweatheart ;)
  4. citygirl

    citygirl Member

    I am going to take the insensitivity of your comment and chalk it up to you being a man and not understanding how degrading it is for some bastard to violate your body. You don't know me or what other situations led to my overdose. So please do not pretend to know me or pass judgment on me.

  5. citygirl

    citygirl Member

    Well, I don't know why your happy I am living, but thanks I guess. My whole life has been changed in a matter of weeks b/c the man who violated me is a crazed lunatic and I had to leave town to make sure he doesn't hurt me. My life is so screwed right now. If I wasn't living with friends I would try again.

  6. Lead Savior

    Lead Savior Well-Known Member

    You should just kill the guy, provided you know him that is
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