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I'm so unhappy. I can't even laugh properly anymore. Even when I make jokes it's just bitter and sarcastic. I really don't care about anything. All I wanna do is get drunk, cut the crap outta myself, and overdose. But I've already done that today... I'm standing on the edge again, looking down into that black pit. I'm not afraid of falling, I'm afraid I'll decide to jump. And whatever terrible things I do after I lose control, I'll enjoy it. I can feel pressure building up in my head again, something's gotta give. I'm going to crack.


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Hun... I hope your okay...

i am deeply concerned for you... and hope that if you need to talk... you will PM me so we can talk...

I am here if you need me...

Love BP

oh and lots of :hug: 's
Mal hun :sad:

We all care so much for you and we are worried for you, we know your going through a very bad time but please stay strong, we know you can get through this.

Take care hun

Viks x
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