Unheard Cries of the Sea

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  1. Butterfly

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    The Sea
    It glitters in the Sun
    Sparkling, pretty, serene
    The waves softly crash the sand
    Lying on the golden sand
    I am at peace
    But take another look
    It's grey, vast and empty
    It crashes angrily against the rocks
    Surrounded by clouds
    Full of litter, oil and waste
    Who really cherishes and loves it?
    It may appear peaceful
    But it is angry
    An unhappyness deep inside
    Crying out for help
    The waves crashing are whispers and shouts for help
    Listen to the unheard cries of the Sea
    There are clues
    You only have to use your eyes and ears
    And you feel will it's angry wrath
    Although angry
    A lost, sad soul underneath is unmasked
    Help her, she is helpless.
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