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Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by Forlornspirit, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. Forlornspirit

    Forlornspirit Well-Known Member

    Here's a thread for songs that may be old, or new! But, songs that you haven't heard for years (OR a decent length of time ;) ). That you just recently heard and started singing or humming along to! And if possible name what you were doing when you heard it, this time, and the last time if you can remember :p (Or what it reminds you of).

    Enjoy, I'll start!

    U2 - The sweetest thing

    It reminds me of the movie Labyrinth. And I was about to change the channel until I heard "Ohhh-oh, The sweetest thing."

    NEXT :p
  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Came into the shopping quadrant on Saturday to be greeted by the strains of

    Abba: One of Us :smile:

    Sang beautifully by a bunch of kids from the local stage school.

    Been buzzing round my head ever since.
  3. Forlornspirit

    Forlornspirit Well-Known Member

    Collide - Howie Day

    I was walking around walmart, last time I heard it was maybe 4 years ago?
  4. thedeafmusician

    thedeafmusician Staff Alumni

    Hands - Jewel
    <3 that song..havent heard it for ages tho
  5. Forlornspirit

    Forlornspirit Well-Known Member

    Earth Angel - The Penguins!

    I haven't heard this song in years, but lone and behold, I hear it on the road. My mouth just about dropped when it came on the radio :p
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