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  1. special_needs

    special_needs Well-Known Member

    Universe -
    that utopian empty space.
    If you believe, you chase;
    If you ignore, you'll face
    the truth.

    Those shining stars
    seem so distant...
    Another illusion
    makes you dare
    to fade

    But in the end
    you see, you feel
    those stars...
    they heal
    the scars
    of the ones who cant deal.
  2. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I like it!:smile: :smile:


  3. Smashed-Up-Sanity

    Smashed-Up-Sanity Well-Known Member

    i really like that one
  4. curtius

    curtius Well-Known Member

    Another great interpretation of the hypocrities in life - at least thats how I took it.

    Damned if you do and Damned if you don't...isnt that how the saying goes?

    Its a subject that will always remain raw and one that will be discussed until the end of time.

    Which way do we ever go? In the end we have been so busy discussing it that we forgot to notice the direction our day to day life has taken us...how ironic...

    beautiful poem - now see what you did??? Im thinking again...

  5. special_needs

    special_needs Well-Known Member

    thank you all

    and curtius, yes thats what i means
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