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University and BPD

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Do you have any experiences of studying and having BPD?
I am looking to start a course next year (as I failed my first year) would you recommend telling the university that I have BPD and how it will effect studying? How do get people to understand this and to take you seriously and not think that you are trying to blag extra-time/help with assignments etc...? I have past experiences of this when I was first diagnosed with depression.

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YOu need a doctors note from your pdoc telling the professors the accomodations you will need in order to help you be sucessful in university
GEt your pdoc to specify you need more organization time more time to write test ect get him or her to write everything out and give it to uni councellor okay that way they will take you seriously.


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Def get it certified and registered with the university: disability laws guarantee you extra time on exams and such. I went through uni with BPD (Borderline, not Bi-Polar--I'm not sure which one you've got), and it was absolute hell. It would've been a lot easier if I had gotten diagnosed and had extra time--a lot less pressure.
Excuse my ignorance but why would need extra time because of BPD? how does it affect your studying/exams?
BPD affects memory, concentration, and attention, which plays a role in the amount of time needed for in-class assignments and tests. Anxiety problems also tend to be an issue. Sometimes people with BPD get dysregulated to a large extent and are unable to complete assignments on time for that reason as well. There are often co-morbid issues such as depression too.


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i believe i suffer from BPD, i've never actually been diagnosed by a doctor but all the symptoms are there, i'm just wondering if my BPD started further back than i thought, i had a hard time stuying in school due to concentration and especially memory, unless it involved numbers however i never struggled to finish exams on time in fact i was usually the first to finish. Don't get me worng i'm not trying question anything your saying or disprove you, i'm trying to figure out if i really do suffer from BPD or something else.


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Heya, I'm currently at a University in my third year. In order for anyone to take you seriously you would need to go to a Dr. and them sign off on some paper and then take that paperwork down to the students with disabilities office. From there there's more paperwork and then you can approach your professors with about your condition. A few might accept it without that process but not many will at my Univ. The counseling center is part of your tuition at most Universitys. They could help you figure that out. As part of my students with disabilities case I have to be complying to treatment or they will not help me. So keep that in mind, they might put that restriction on you. (although it's a darn good thing for me. I need to be on my meds)

BPD is one of the most common inaccurately diagnosed personality disorders; it's given to most females who self harm. We went over that in one of my social work classes.
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