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University jitters

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This is something I posted on another forum. Hope it makes sense!

Hello folks,

I haven't posted here much, but thought I'd just explain a few little thoughts in my head at the moment, for some advice or just a bit of feedback. Whatever, really!

I had a gap year abroad to improve my language skills and gain skills etc., last year. I'm studying Philosophy as well as German, so while my German's improved thousand-fold, my Philosophy has gone down a fair bit.

I struggled in my second year a bit with some of the concepts and am working at just a 2:1 (61), so this year will be 'the big push', to quote everyone's favourite TV show. I'm just having a bit of a panic at what I've got to read and understand, after the best part of 15 months away (Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, Spinoza's Ethics and the like).

I'm attempting to get back into it slowly, but bloody hell it's hard work... Can just do my best and not get too stressed, I suppose....

Any words of advice / comfort much appreciated!


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Philosophy is another perspective at looking at the world...if you read each work from that ideation, you can pick up what is being said. I am inherently an existentialist, which takes into account meaning and the purpose of life...the schools of thought, such as Kant, Hobbs and Locke looked at rationality from an ethical point of view (reductionistic, but used as an example),and used Spinoza's Ethics (1500s) as the basis for their framework...Spinoza was fastinating as he took religious principles (ethics in the Torah) and applied them to society...once you get what was being said, and the premise of these philosophical works, they become much more accessible...I think everyone struggles with this stuff in the beginning...please let me know if I can help in any way...and about having university jitters...some of that is because it is so early in the semester, and all the courses are not known...I am sure you will find your groove...best of luck, and make sure you establish study groups or request assistance from your professors so you do not fall behind
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Just wanted to add if you are struggling hun to grasp what is being asked of you ask for some tutoring okay extra help to get you on track hugs
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