Unknown Grandmother's suicide - genetics??

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by Destroyer, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Destroyer

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    I've recently found out about the suicide of my grandmother, some 20 years ago. Although I never knew her it has cut me kind of deep, and I'd like to ask whether depression can be a genetic thing, since my mother is bi polar and I often have attacks of depression. However, my sister is as bright as a bee (wtf?) and shows no signs of unhappiness at all.

    Am i more influenced my mum's showings of depression, leading to an environmental effect on my character, or could it be a genetic thing is basically what I'm asking here...

    Any help?
  2. nagisa

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    Depression can be passed down through genetics but can also be triggered by your environment. But since you say that both your mom and grandma had/have a form of depression it is very possible genetic play a part for yours.
  3. hammockmonkey

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    i wondered that too, my grandma on my mother's side committed suicide when i was one years old.
  4. Blackness

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    yes it is genetic. When you go to a psychiatrict they ask if anyone else in ur family has it...so it obviously must be. It doesnt mean that you WILL be affected, just means you are more at risk of getting it.
    theres lots of info about it on the net.
  5. hammockmonkey

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    with such close relations as parents or siblings couldn't environment also be a strong influence? There is an obvious correlation, but that does not mean it has a causational relationship with depression. or that's what I wonder.