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  1. I wrote this after me n my friend had a big fight.


    As I sit,
    I wonder why,
    It had to end this way.

    I thought that we would always be,
    Just you and me.
    I never thought I'd hurt this bad,
    I never thought I'd be so sad.

    Ever since my life fell to pieces,
    I've had a feeling of unknown.
    I cant help the feeling of being alone.
    A secret's revealed,
    Not formally known.

    I'm lost in a void of eternity.
    My lifes as wretched as the sea.
    My heart is crying.
    My brain is lying.
    I never thought it'd be this hard.
    I feel like this is my longest yard.

    I miss you,
    And I just have no clue,
    What to do.

    I wish I could tell you my feelings,
    But I dont know if I could trust you with these things.
    I'm hopeless without you,
    And now I think I love you.
    But until I know for sure,
    It will always remain unknown.
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    wonderfully put... you should show your friend...

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