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I have been through a lot && it scares me... things have left my life everyday. i understand things come and goo, but sometimes when something happens && you think you should let go of someone you cant cus you think u love him . Sadly, thats where i am.. i have this HUGE crush on a guy that really hurt mee. im sick to my stomache about it but i caant let goo. I have lost friends for talking to him. i have held hands , kissed && expressed myself to him . Losing him would break me to piecess. i d k if its love or if im just exploring. :'(
Things are gunna change i swearrr. He is the type of guy that is always having rumors floating around school about him . soo i have heard he is with some chick that he is playing me that he doesnt care.. ehh i hella need helll .. things needa change alottt. i swearr, ik need a friend i can go to for thiss. Dx


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hi D. I totally understand where you are coming from. I am with someone that most of my friends don't agree with, because he has hurt me so severely in the past, but I am willing to give my whole life to him. people tend to get bored of me talking about him, which is hard because he is usually the only thing on my mind. If you need to talk feel free to PM me ;)
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