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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by White Dove, Dec 28, 2011.

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  1. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    i swear i am so unloved, not one person around me here cares at all for me. What do you do when you are talking with a family member and they seem all nice and like they are your best buddy but then when your not around talk about you like as if you were nothing but a dog, a dummy, an idiot, a worthless piece of ..?

    Now to add to that you go out to feed a dog and you overhear them say they are tired of living close to you and hate you. Well this is what happened to me today. first thing was this morning. i overhear my brothers wife telling her son ( my nephew ) to hurry up and run down and check the mail because she is afraid i will get her mail, then i hear her say things like i know she gets it cause sometimes they are opened, i have never looked at her mail and never will. i am not a theif like she ( my brothers wife ) is. she shoplifts everywhere she goes, has stolen my checks because i have proof where she forged my name and cash my checks from my surveys that i did, well when i overhear her i open the door and confront her, she denys it of course says shes talking about people who try killing themselves and all, so i just let it go. well she asks me then later on to take her to the store so she can get some food etc because my brother gets his unemployment check tomorrow, so i told her i guess i would take her because their car got tooken away because they chose to go to the beer joint for 2 nights in a row last week instead of paying on their title loan.

    well about 7 pm i go to feed the dog, which is right behind thier house trailer, and i overhear her arguing with my brother about me, saying she is tired of me and tired of having to deal with my dumb a.. every dang day, she says the kids hate living here and hate me, and all so i overhearing it ask what did i do, really loud, i hear her get up and take off in the other room,etc.. i go to the front door and knock, my brother comes opens the door and i ask him what did i do? and why they hate me , he says its not about me but about money problems etc? come on i am not that stupid!

    i am gonna do a few surveys and then log in to see if i got any one here that cares or not for me. time will tell i guess.

    i am so had it. i have done nothing but give them love and kindness and i always get the worst end and get made out like i am a stupid person or that i am the bad person. 3 years ago my brother and his wife and kids would be out on the street if it was not for me, they would not of had a car to drive if i had not helped them etc. they just dont realize what all i do for them and i have had it. i cant and wont take this stupid messed up emotional rollarcoaster with them again, no way no how.. when i am not hear they will realize just how much i helped them. i dont want to be here anymore and i am throw with all of them. i give them nothing but love and care and they repay me by doing this? lets see how long they last without me here. they are the dummys if they think i am gonna just sit here and take it, no way hosa. let them see just how much i was a big help to them because my butt is gone. i am nothing but a stupid crazy person, yep, and worthless because i cant even get family to even care about me..
  2. IntoTheWoods

    IntoTheWoods Guest

    I am sorry you are gaving such a difficult time with your family, it must feel horrible to have done so much for them and to hear them saying such things. How long have you all lived together?
  3. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    If I remember correctly, they have been doing this for a while...I think it is time to set some limits and not be as available to them...if they do not like you, then they do not like your car or your money...time to not be their wiping post!
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