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unluckiest day of my life.

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by frickard, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. frickard

    frickard Member

    Let's start at last night, right before I went to sleep, shall we? So, I , being a stupi 16 year old with no previous "reckless behavior" decided to drink a little to maybe get rid of some of my anxiety. Not getting plastered, but enough to buzz a little. Cool. Fun. So I put some alcohol into this metal waterbottle from my high school homecoming. Yea. Lame. Soo I didn't finish it all, so yes, I brought it with me (1/4 full) to school. Which was fine and dandy, gave me a little rush. Felt like I was the biggest screw-up on the planet, but whatever. So guess what? I left it under my lunch table halfway through the day. :O so I realize this 110min later and run back to see that it's gone. So I decide to forget about it. Pretend like I never even had a watter bottle in the first place. Cool. So idk if they're gonna come after our lunch table tomorrow or if a kid found it and kept it. Either way, I'm an idiot. OH I forgot to mention I sent the schooll social worker a lovely email last night about nothing in particular. It was 2 sentences of me bitching about being pissed off. So today my bff who is a page delivers a summons the last period of the day for me to go see him. I'm all embarassed cuz Ididn't really wanna talk about some stupid thing I never should have sent, but I picked up my stuff and went. I got outside his office and he's talking to some girl about whatever so I wait for like 5min, then leave. I look at the pass:itS for tomorrow. :/ so on my way out of the school to go to my bus, I slip on some ice on the big cement staircase. Everyone who rides a bus saw me :O yea and I was so embarrassedd I started crying and I yelled at this kid who was trying to help me up. I felt so bad for yelling at him :( I got home and got into this huge fight with my handicapped brother about how he gets my paremnts to spend every second with him and I can't even get a ride home from school. Yea. Oh, and then as I was changing clothes to get ready for work, I must have drop0ped an angry note I wrote anonymously for my stupid ass social worker during the day. That basically said "you suc, I don't wanna talk to you I wanna go home and get drunk and cut myself and OD on pills) and I was just really angry when I wrote that and I was trying to make hom feel like the ass that he is, so I mean I made it sound worse than what I actually meant. So yea. I dropped that note somewhere in my basement, where I assume my mom (already pissed ay me from earlier) must have found it. She hasn't spoken to me since I got home an hour ago. And I believe that sums up my awful day. OHWAIT I forgot one more little thingO the only person I really feel comfortable talking to is the nice school nurse so during my orchestra class I said I had a headache and went to the nurse to lie down. She wasn't thedre, but some stupid sub was who was quizzing me on my last meal was all up in my business. Anyways, instead of talking to someone about my shitty day, I got to lay down in a dark room and cry for an hour. Fun. Amd, on a "feminine" side note, my cycle has been messed up for my entire life, basically, and today I had some really weird stuff going on and I'm not about to talk to some weird substitute nurse about the intimate details of my body. So... that went swimmingly, as well.
  2. Worthless

    Worthless Well-Known Member

    Wow, what a day.
    Seems like the type of days I have on a weekly basis. Bad Karma I guess from a past life.
    And my mums found a similar note, only it was directed at her, that was awkward.
    Hopefully things look up from here.