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Well, I kinda have trouble talking about my feelings, but I'm going to try. I feel totally worthless and unneeded. I feel like I'm a burden to all the people I care about and they would be better off without me. I'm just a ripple in their lives; everything will flow smoother if I'm not around. And I feel guilty for being such a burden. That's the worst part, the guilt. I keep thinking that I'm making everyone miserable, and I really need the people I care about for me to support me, but I don't blame them for not wanting me in their lives when I'm such a downer. So then I get angry with them because I feel like I'm always there no matter what, and I feel guilty for the anger because it's my fault that no one can stand me. It's a loop, I'm caught in it, and I'm starting to drown.


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Hi and welcome...I do know how this feels since lately I require a lot of support from my friends...what I have been doing to feel less like a burden is making something, a meal, some candy, for them as gifts to repay their kindness...this has worked and I feel less useless...sorry you are feeling that way too...I hope you find that ppl who care do not feel as we think they do...all the best, and welcome again, J

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Hi i t hink we all have been in that loop of yours so please don't feel guilty okay sometimes we just cannot help the way things go I hpe you continue to reach out here okay for support hugs
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