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    From what I was told, I was in a coma for 4 days. And the weird thing is, I know I was but I don't. I'm desperately trying to place 4 days of my life. It's like a huge black hole inside me that just wants to be filled. But yet I have little flashes of conversations that I know I couldn't of been involved in if I was in a coma. Sorta like little dreams of people saying things to me. And me feeling like you do when you are in a nightmare, able to hear and think but frozen with fear, not being able to move or scream out. Many people say that people in a coma are capable of hearing others. Is that what it feels like? Is that what I experienced? So because I can vaguely recall these people talking to me, I feel like I want to know even more about what happened for those 4 days. Yeah the docs explained the medical stuff to me, but emotionally I'm lost. Or was that all just a side effect of the drugs, booze and blood loss? Going out on a big limb here but, has anyone else here experienced a coma and have any recollections. Just need to put this to rest because it's driving me crazy!!!!
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    I have worked with many patients in various levels of a coma, and feel so grateful that all you lost were those days...wishing continued return and hope you can use the future days to make up for those...J
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    It is nice to have you back hun *huggles*. i have no idea what goes on during a coma, but a good friend of mine has reciently pulled out of his coma and has been saying similar things. That he can remember being a part of conversations that he could not possible been a part of. Maybe your brain hears these things while you are out, and fills in the blanks, like what you would have said if you could have. Maybe what you feel is similar. Hope you figure something out soon, and that peace once again comes to your mind.

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