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unreal situation

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i am a 46 yr old male in uk and my life has fallen into an unbelievable mess over the past few yrs, i am in the most surreal other worldly situation of facing complete financial ruin because i cannot physically prevent a family member from physically interfering with every single thing i do and i have completely given up.

on one side the last thing i want to do is die because this would only give my family and estranged wife the utmost satisfaction but on the other hand though suicide is sometimes referred to as a permanent solution to a temporay problem in my case it is a permanent solution to a permanent problem and no matter which way i have turned be it to my doctor or volunteery bodys there is no help for me so much to the point i have now decided on the method

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Hi you can you not get some legal help to prevent this person for driving you into despair. Taking your llife over this person is just not worth it okay MOVE get away from who ever it is and start over in a new place Keep posting okay keep reaching out here so others can help hugs to you:hugtackles:


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Im sorry your having such a hard time, but I agree why let these people ruin your life, your letting them win as you say they would be non the happier if you left this world. Why give them the satisfaction?

Im also sorry your having a hard time finding support, I hope others here will be able to help you better with where to go for resources, I live in the states and yes its always a hassle here to get started with any type of medical help but seems its easier once you get started.

Just wanted to let you know your not alone in feeling like this, and you dont have to be alone in looking for a solution, I hope that you continue to post here and that you find the support your looking for.

PM if you ever want to chat.


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As hard as it is, stay strong for you. I hope you can find some support. Wish there was more I could say or do but I am only a little older than you and have reached crisis point too. Sending what little strength I have to you.
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