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I recently went to a hospital to have a diagnose of my existing mental condition, which I strongly suspect(as indicated by PHQ-9 tests, score of about 18) would be moderate depression. But the doctor said that I was OK after I told him that I having been haunted by suicidal thoughts and had done self-harm several times. What should I do? I don't trust him and I really believe that I'm NOT OK!
Hi there,

Did you get a different diagnosis? How long have you been dealing with these thoughts and self harm? Has it been continuous?

If possible, you can seek another opinion from a different doctor? You can also perhaps look into addressing the thoughts that you have--is there anything specific that tends to trigger the thoughts? A really helpful book is Feeling Good which may be able to help you to regain more control over your thoughts.


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Hi @Carton you know our body better than anyone else and if you feel you are not okay - you are probably not ok.

I would recommend you get a second opinion, you deserve help and support just as much as the next person :) Trust your instincts!


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If you don't think you're ok then you're not ok. I feel like we're often the last people to know if we're hanging in there or not. Find someone else to talk to and get some real help.


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There are bad docs and psychs among the good ones.

Don't be shy about seeking a different medical professional.
Well---I have seen over 20 "so called" professionals and none of them helped me!!! Well---they helped empty both my insurance and my own pockets..........with their damned focus on this and that when THIS is the problem-------------


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Are you saying the Dr did the patient health questionnaire and then told you was nothing or the dr talked you said thought was doing okay and you did a PHQ and scored it so disagree? Dr's use many methods of deciding - and no- no dr is perfect and many make mistakes, particularly when dealing with subjectives like depression/mental health, but self diagnosis over dr diagnosis is not a good practice. What is a good practice however is you know there is something wrong so do not let them tell you it is nothing. If it is upsetting/bothering you - and they say it is all in in your head- then they are admitting a mental health issue also, if that makes sense. There is something causing a negative impact on your life and you have a right to expect they come up with some type of explanation- and some treatment plan- to correct it. If that treatment plan is to go home, go to work/school, and continue to monitor for 30 days- so be it, but they should be able to explain that to you , as well as their reasoning.

That is really what it comes down to- if you see a dr about a mental health issue they owe more than an you are okay- they owe a full explanation of why they believe that no additional / extra treatment is warranted at this time. If you go in with a sore arm and they determine is not broken or damaged in any manner that needs further treatment and will recover on its own fine- and the same can apply to mental health/depression, but they need to be able to explain the why and lacking the explanation I hope you do either find another Dr or recontact that one for the full explanation. There are certainly reasons for- if somebody feels bad/depressed and has not lasted long, is caused based on a situation expected to cause pain/sadness(death in family/friend etc) or something bad happened at work , whatever- or if you are simply well adapted and functioning well- going to work school/ doing okay- then it is possible the side effects of medication- or even therapy- could actually make the situation worse rather than better in their opinion.

So far as doing a PHQ and self diagnosing- if it were actually that simple to Dx mental illness then there would be no need for drs at all. That is no more "special" than a fb quiz or IQ test for example, it is not the answers, particularly the self answers as opposed to observation and clear evidence of fact based on other things in one's life that make a diagnosis possible or accurate. Even when it is done as part of a clinical assessment- it is exactly that -one part of, not the clinical assessment in whole. With the exception of entertainment or possibly self awareness of a potential issue that would indicate the advisability of getting a professional opinion , the questionnaire is more or less useless/ of no value, and most certainly not an indicator in any way of the competence of the Dr.
The doctor did nothing professional: no PHQ test, no questionnaire, no nothing. I hid the fact that I once cut myself because he said he would send me to the closed ward if he believed that I had suicidal tendency...
I did my own PHQ test...


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I usually diagnose myself because most people are obsessed with money. That's a lot of what doctors care about now: money. But I have this one ear doctor who says I can see him for free because we're friends. Which is the only good doctor I've ever met.
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