unsucessful methadone overdose

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    June 14th, 2006 I was at a party with a few friends. I had been covering up my depression with drugs and alcohol for a few years and quite frankly was sick of it. After consuming half a bottle of Jack Daniels, a six pack of Bud Light, 4 shots of tequila and a few sips of moonshine I was feeling a little daring. I had been thinking of suicide for a few months but other then cutting myself I never even came close to doing it.

    Anyways, being completely wasted I saw an oppurtunity to do the deed. A friend of mine who was at the party pulled out a <mod edit: resistance - methods>. I had tried it a few days before by dipping my finger in it and putting my finger in my mouth. That little bit had me passed out all night and throwing up the entire next day. He offered it to me <mod edit: resistance - method>. I remember sitting on the couch and the last thing i remember was looking up at the clock and it saying 11:00 pm. I woke up in the emergency room around 3:30 am to doctors and nurses calling my name and sticking an IV in my arm. My friend later told me that on the ride home back to her house I had been throwing up all over myself and that my eyes were going two different ways. We got to her house and she told me I had sat down on the couch and started gurgling. My lips and face started turning blue so she called my parents. They rushed over to me completely blue and choking on my own vomit. My dad laid me on the floor and gave me CPR for 15 minutes while my mom called 911.

    I don't remember any of this but the doctors told me I should be completely brain dead right now. I thank God that I'm alive and well. No matter how shitty life can be I always like to look forward to tomorrow.
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    That's really good to hear:smile:
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