Unsure of my sexuality.

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  1. I am not sure what is my true sexuality is. I know i am attracting to women instead of man, but i am not sure whether i want to have a relationship with the woman or am i just simply looking for an affectionate, loving and caring mother figure in my life to take care of me. (Me and my mom never get along at all). Everytime i fall for a woman, i always end up scaring them away with my obsessive, possessive behavior. The women i tend up falling for are always straight women with authority power over me. Women like my ex-therapist, professor in school and even the psychiatric nurse in the psychiatric hospital i admitted to. Am i really gay or just looking for an alternate mother? I feel very confused and very tormented over this.:confusion:

    I currently is desperately in love with my ex-therapist. She and me met 2 years ago. And to me, she is a beautiful. gorgeous, and perfect woman. She terminated me at 2011 because she felt like my feeling for her is getting in the way of the treatment. And since than, my life went downhill afterward. I think of her constantly, wishing she would come back to me. Now i feel like a zombie because i just can't function well without her. I moved fromUS to Macau to started everything fresh. Yet the memories of her still linger on my mind constantly. I miss her smiling face, her voice,the kindness in her eyes and her slender body when she held me close. I just can't stand the emptiness and the loneliness of missing her.
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    I know how that is. I'm in the same position. The bet thing to do is find someone to take your mind off of that person