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    So i wasnt really sure were to post this but i guess this is as goid a place as any. my life has gone into a downward spiral the past few months. and well its a. long story that i.dont feel like going into. but i just feel so unwanted and worthless. my own mom has left me. ive been thinking of death. all day... then i found this place. maybe itll help me not feel so alone. but i also feel asamed of how ive been feeling. i have a counslor but im noot sure if i dare to addmite it or not, that.this is how im feeling. ive beel put in.a.hospital before cause.of it... so i kind of know how that works. i dont know what to do. eveeyones been saying rhat ive been doing so.well wirh the siuation im in. i guess i.doont want to disapoint anyone or seem weak by admitting that feel this bad. i guess im at a breaking point.
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    Hi hun you are not alone now ok you keep talking to us I am sorry your bother is not much support hun I think hun if you can you talk to your councilor and them himor her how you are struggling ok that way hun you can get the support you need right now hugs
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    I do the exact same thing. Sometimes it surprises me when it becomes too much and I do break down to someone. They actually react differently then I expect. My family says the same so I hate to disappoint them. We just can't forget that they are there to be supportive too :). Being on this site has helped me vent the things that are harder to say to them. Use this for the tough stuff but don't be afraid to go to them for some support. You can't carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Keep your head up!