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    alright, well i have no idea where the fuck i am right now!!! k i lied,i'm @ my mom's lol but i'm on Ecstasy and i've been drinking, so not good!!! i don't know what to do, everyone pretty much ditched me!! and everyone pretty much left me hanging...one guy(big black guy) wanted to go smoke pot with him...good thing i said no, who knows what would've happened...

    My roomate is sleeping right now, she looks like um...dark, i can't really see her :laugh: I've smoked some pot and drank too...probably not a good idea...

    i've been thinking a lot you know...about life, about where i am in life, what i want to do in life. All of it sounds like a fucking joke if you ask me...i try to hard, i try too hard to be nice and to fit in!! i'm fucking sick and tired of it, i want to go to the bar, i want to get high and forget what i did the night before...I think i'm starting to drink too much, smoke too much, just be blah all the time and so mellow that i don't care what others think...sometimes that's a bad thing. I know that is very random considering i've had E, pot, and alcohol,i don't even know how much!!!! this isn't good :unsure:

    should i sleep?
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    YES you should sleep!

    You know where I am

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    if u ever OD on E or u mix it (badly) with pot and drinking too much u wont be able to ask if u should sleep cuz ull jus slimply ...well ull drop and maybe like go into a sezier...if thats how u spell it...and u said u havent been online much lately cuz u dont wana put ur stuff on others (in the myspace message in case u dont remember) but u should know u can talk to me no matter how..."dumb" the problems may seem...and dont worry about wat people think about u cuz the people who judge u and critisize r only avoiding the inevitable day that they themself will have to judge themselves and most of em know they wont like who they are but theyre too afraid to change.