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I dont know if this belongs here but yeh. Last week my friends confronted me about my weight. One of my friends said he didnt want to loose me in like two years cause of like a heart atack. But right now i feel like he doesnt have to wait two years. I way so mich that i cant envision myself as ever being thin. I am just too rooted in this addiction. I had my past and my fair share of scars and that doesnt help me either...


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its hard, i went through the opposite last year, underweight altho i didnt know it...but either way you can get help. what is the reason for you over eating, first point of call is your doc to find out why you over eat..it could be comfort eating..but its good that your friend expressed his concern, its a big warning sign. go to doc...get advice and meds...and good luck..its not easy..but you have to take first step :hug:


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*hugs* im not a thin girl heck im not 2 thin girls ...its very hard its a battle everyday if you want to try something together maybe we could find other people who need to do it too ...emotional overeating is a vicious cycle if thats what it is i dont know hun i feel for you . if i can help you in any way please let me know xx
It sounds like your friends care about you and are worried about your health, but maybe having them confront you just makes you feel worse

the eating disorders forum might be a good place to post too, but posting here is also good

have you tried getting therapy?

I think that there are some medical options for obesity

beyond that though, I think just loving yourself is important, no matter how much you weigh. you don't have to weigh a certain weight to love and accept yourself. being a healthier weight is a good goal to have, but loving yourself and having self-esteem is more important, no matter what weight you are

I hope that your friends can support you and not badger you about your weight. it sounds like what you are experiencing on the inside is much more important than anything that is going on with you on the outside

I hope that things can get better!

:hug: :hug: :hug:


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frosty :hug: I have fought weight problems all my life. Food was my first coping mechanism. Still fight it. I do understand.


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It sounds like you feel very hopeless about your addiction and your weight. It is hard to imagine something different, especially given everything you have been through. Your friends are worried about you, and care about you and probably also feel helpless and aren't sure how they can help you. I hope you can take in their care and support.

I can't really give you any advice but I think just talking about your feelings is a great first step.

Thanks for sharing.


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if it's an addiction, therapy may help but you need to be committed to making a long-term change and you have to be ready for a whole lot of little milestones and temporary setbacks

been on weight watchers myself for years and years now - took me over a year just to lose 30 pounds - watched my weight float up and down but i did it - i still fluctuate but i stay in the ballpark - not to sound like an ad but i prefer ww because it isn't a short-term diet - it's a change in your life-style but it takes work - my ww group leader tried and failed at ww 13 times before it finally stuck so persistence and commitment can pay off

sounds like your friends care, so if you do go on some kind of program maybe you can keep them in the loop? you're don't want them to turn into food police but maybe then can be supportive and help keep you on track
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