Until I see you again xxxxxxxxx

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    RIP Roger White 27-09-1987 - aged 28 - Suicide
    RIP Darren Picton 24-12-1993 -aged 16 - Killed by a drink driver
    RIP Jody Clulow 08/01/2006 - aged 23 - Killed by a drink driver
    RIP Duncan Frame 09-09-2006 - aged 52 - Murdered
    RIP Peter Stanlick 24-12-2006 - aged 51 - Suicide

    To all those now in Heaven RIP my friends, until the day I see you again. Love you loads. See you in heaven. xxxxxxx
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    :hug: I'm sorry hun you loat alot of the people you were close to i can understand losing alot of people but please try not to give up :hug: