...until it loses any value it might have had.

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    If a man is aware and declares

    that by what he is saying

    he appears to be making a fool of himself

    he is judging himself by the reactions

    of others and not by the truth

    of what he is saying.

    What he is saying is a true

    but difficult pill to swallow

    the hearers would rather

    call him a fool or worse

    than suffer the indignity of truth.

    Truth to the wilfully ignorant

    is a painful and distressing arrow

    once they have smarted

    at the sting they avoid

    further contact with even the thought of truth.

    Truth in matters of commandments and law

    of reasonable rational behaviour

    and necessary obedience

    is frowned upon and the messenger

    despised more than the harbinger of death.

    The people cried

    give me advice, give me encouragement,

    give me false hope, give me meds

    give me lies, give me anything

    but don’t give me the truth

    don’t worry me with absolute truth…

    A single seed of truth is of more value

    than a ton of encouragement

    a seed of truth will eventually flourish

    encouragement needs to be repeated

    and repeated and repeated

    until it loses any value it might have had.