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untill i finally...die

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jane doe

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I´ve been dreaming about you
I´ve been waiting about you
I´ve been trying to find you
But doesn´t matter what i do,
you are only on my mind
Everytime I´ve tryed to get closer to you
i´ve got hurt
and i´m not the onlyone
Everyone who tryes, but didn´t get you,
got hurts
and i´ve been trying to be with you
so many times, that i´m tired
tired of getting hurt
tired of living my life like this
i just want everything ends
my dreams
my waiting
my search
i just want to be with you and finally....die

well i wrote this last night, i hope you like it.

jane doe

Well-Known Member
it was a way to get all the bad feelings out without hurting myself(litteraly). i was very down last night and i´ve been trying to control myself because i must hide my scars to everyone(because nobody knnows how i am) and by writting that i felt a little bit better, i don´t know. what do you think? did you like it?


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Yes I did like it. I also have scars that I hide from cutting. It is a lonely world we live in. There are many people on this site I wish I could talk with in person. I found people who have difficulty in life like me. Don't let life get you down. Matt


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Jane and Black it is a tough lonely world but we're here for each other,I'm so sorry for the way you guy's are feeling and understanding the pain you're in please talk to me I'm here for you.

jane doe

Well-Known Member
i wrote something else last night i hope you like it
White like the moon
natural as breathing
simple like the snow
You´ve taking everything
that once, belong to me
You are always present in my thoughts
and I, a fool who doesn´t understand anything
i dedicated my entire life to you
and that´s the way i knew you will answer my call
taking away everithing from me
taking away everyonewho ever loved me
taking away...who i used to be
and you let only a shadow
of the happy woman i was once
and this shadow
walks lonely, drawning itself on tears
this shadow is, may be, the memory of me
but i just know
this shadow wants the moon comes out
so it can rest in peace at last
i will appreciate eny kind of observation about it___________
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