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    I was taking a look in the 2010 yearbook and came across a poem my friend wrote less than two months before she died. I liked it a lot, so I'm going to share it. I take absolutely no credit for this.

    We are brought up to believe that we are temporary, momentary fixtures in a desperately permanent world. It’s a method of thinking that keeps children in after dark, which makes people think twice before they leap. But we each have time in our lives in which we must challenge our own mortality. We develop a sense of invulnerability and we become superhuman. Most of us grow out of this phase; we accept that we will grow old just like our parents; grow sad and live in quiet desperation. We accept a fate that we did nothing to deserve.

    You accept it.

    But there is always a minority. There are people like me, invincible, indestructible. We welcome death happily, with open arms. It never comes, not until we are old and gray, the liveliness stolen from our very bones. Death only visits once we’re already dead, the trials of life etched in deep fissures in our skin. It’s so unfair, though, that we, those who live so carelessly, are blessed with an abundance of time. But that is the way of the world.
    So we spend our years in the dark, dancing until our toes grow cold, until our limbs throb with fatigue. Then we dance some more. We make the best of it, for them. For those whose lives were stolen. We owe it to them, the thieves that we are. We want their sacrifice to be a worthwhile cause at least. We must live on their behalf.

    On your behalf.

    We dance for you, because you can’t. Because we stole the breath from your chest in the beat from your heart. We dance for you because we saw your birth, your life, your death. You belong to us. You’re as much our child as you are your parents’. Your life was created to benefit us, so we dance for you.
    Consider it a long over-due apology.

    We will always drive too fast, destroy our livers and our lungs. We will do anything to destroy ourselves. We will ignore your sacrifice at any opportunity, and we will smile as we do it. But only because we miss you. Only because we want so badly to join the human cycle.

    -Kathryn M.G 9/29/2010
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    R.I.P. Kathryn
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