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So everything that can possibly go wrong has in the past few months...actually to be fair it has been happening for a year now, but as been getting worse. I wish I was exaggerating.

I'm becoming increasingly stressed over my course load. I'm use to this amount of work so it's not that.. Its just, my depression is getting worse and so its hard to really focus and I feel like I'm never going to get anywhere so i basically stop trying. But then when i get a bad mark or don't understand something right away I get pissed at myself. O.O I know that doesn't make sense but yeah..

And now my computer is acting up. The cooling fan wont work so it shuts down every 30 minutes and ughhh. I need a laptop for school and I need it to be able to work on this site and I need it because well... No one in real life understands me so I need to be able to connect with people that do or I will completely lose the rest of my mind.

I'm breaking and Idk what to do. I feel like I have no one but i think that's just the depression talking. Strong urges to do...something... help please...

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Hi hun sorry everything seems so overwhelming Have you talked to councillor at the college let know depression is kicking you down a bit. Also with mental illness my daughter got a grant from college to help her get thngs that she would need to improve her studies she got a laptop with that grant with large print You can ask what is available at your school perhaps they have a laptop you can loan for the year I hope things start looking up abit for you hun hugs to you
That's great that they did that for her! Do you really think they would do that for me tho? I know that you live in Canada so maybe it's a bit different?

I ended up having to take out a loan because I couldn't afford a new laptop otherwise...but if they can buy me one I would so cancel the loan lol.

Thank you for replying. Means a lot to me. :wub:
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