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  1. Lucie

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    He never revealed his feelings
    to those he loved the most
    but to those he hardly knew
    through his forum posts

    That tragic day seemed normal
    he even laughed and joked
    but later on they found him
    hanging by his throat

    Desperate attempts at revival
    all to no avail
    his surrounding family cried
    another young life lost
    to this disease called suicide

    Why would he do this? they cry
    he was such a happy boy
    but it soon became apparent
    that the signs had not been sly

    Mysterious cuts on his body
    accidents he said
    the time he spent alone
    lying in his bed
    and the threats to leave forever
    laughed off as quick as ever

    Why were we so blind?
    It's our fault he's dead
    we should have been there for him
    and listened to what he said

    Another grieving family
    another young life spent
    the heart breaking tale
    of an all to common event.
  2. Petal

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    I enjoyed read that!

    Thanks for sharing :)
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