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  1. Strip away the flesh and bones.
    Broken open, so exposed.
    Crimson ribbons dripping in the sink.
    Another night, lingering on the brink.
    Hear the screams in your mind,
    Burning like a disease.
    Hush now, keep them a secret.
    Don‘t want anyone else to see,
    That there are voices inside your mind.
    They whisper sweet words,
    But most of them unkind.
    Voices that can build you up,
    And lead you along blind.
    Voices that can break you down,
    Leaving you begging for your life.
    Walking alone, but you still need a crutch.
    Someone to be there, to help pick you back up.
    But you know you can’t take it.
    You just can’t find a heart to let them in.
    A life of disappointments, fragmented in the wind.
    Crimson beauty, is all you can see.
    The words in the mirror you fall to believe.
    Trace the lines with fragile finger tips.
    Hoping to god, that you left behind something to be missed.
    They scream, a thousand lies in your head…
    You're only wish, is to just be dead.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.