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    Depression is a tyrannic ruler. I should know, it has ruled most of my life.
    At the minute its hold on me is so strong I struggle to even breathe.
    It is always with me, waiting in ambush for the first sign of weakness...
    Truth is: it has always been.

    I have been told that I chose to be unhappy. That I was needy. That I was weak...
    I have been given all those shitty advices such as get a hold of yourself, try and exercice...
    Bull, if I could do those things I would.

    People see what they want.
    It's easy to think "she needs time to herself" when in fact they just don't want the discomfort of dealing with you.
    I am scared all the time, I am terrified all the time, I hurt all the time.
    I am not the only one, I know that. No need to tell me.
    I know I will get through it. I have done it before and I will do it again.

    But right now I want to scream and cry and scream some more.
    The pain and the fear are taking over my mind, my sanity and my soul.
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    Wow, that was really powerful, you never cease to amaze me girly. How many poems do you have? You ever think about sending them to a publisher and getting some of them published? Or am I just being a wild and crazy guy?

    I do care for you , never forget that =) *hug *hug *hug (you need more hugs =)