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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by SumBody, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. SumBody

    SumBody Guest

    It's a desperation cry
    The sound of an animal
    wailing at it painfully draws
    its last breath.
    the end of the road
    only to find a
    steep slope- sort of like
    a cliff. And it's like a
    goddamn cliff-hanger
    leaving you wondering
    at the last fleeting
    moments of your life whether
    or not you're gonna have to
    burn burn burn or just sink
    into dreadful oblivion
    either way it's a no-win situation
    a catch-22, if you will and
    it's a desperation cry
    The sound of existential anguish
    and nobody gives a damn
    cuz everyone
    some time, some point
    walks away and never comes back
    cuz everyone
    some time, some point
    just don't give a damn
    can't express with words
    how deep this hole goes
    can't express with words
    what they need to go.
    And it's a desperation cry
    of one damned
    of one who still wants to live
    of one who now wants to die
    and it's a desperation cry
  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Ok hun, sounds like a place most of us have been to at some point.:sad:

    Can you elaborate a bit on what exactly is going on?

    Its much easier for people to respond and maybe help, when they understand the situation.
  3. SumBody

    SumBody Guest

    For the past few days my mom has been wailing and screaming and crying like an insane bitch. She tried to kill our dog with a knife and I had to stop her. She tried to kick me out, yet again. She's a fuckin insomniac, and so am I, so I have to stay up all fuckin night hearing her fuckin complain and drive me fuckin crazy. She rants about the small apartment, about every single thing that you can imagine. So fuckin immature stupid piece of shit. THEN, OUT OF NOWHERE, she gets all calm and then acts normal, even being nice and apologetic. Then she goes back to being crazy again. She DOES NOT have bipolar like me, because this has been happening only recently. However she does have depression. Maybe she's just being an immature attention-seeking piece of shit, I dunno. I am just so fuckin sick of HER, of EVERYONE ELSE, of MYSELF, of RELIGION, of FALSE HOPE, of PEOPLE WHO DISLIKE ME WHEN I'M NOT EVEN AWARE OF THEIR FUCKIN PRESENCE, of EVERYTHING.


    My grades are down in the dumps and too late now to bring them up, I've had my second chances and I screwed them all over again. I am fed up with my life and its futility, of everything and everyone, I am sick and tired of myself, of my sadistic unstable violent streak, of my flaws and weaknesses, of the uncertainty of life. Many other shit to say but I don't have the time and the will. I don't know where I am headed and honestly I do not want to know. I don't care if my future could be good or bad. I AM FUCKIN SICK OF ALL THIS SHIT.
  4. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    If she is of a certain age, it might be the menopause..that can make perfectly sane women into homicidal maniacs.
    If she is in her 40s or older try to get her to have her hormonal levels checked.
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