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  1. In a life with no real purpose
    the days go by so slow
    with memories of how life once was
    the tears freely flow.

    When life has dealt it's cards
    and you feel the world has fallen apart
    that's when things get hard
    and you try to mend a broken heart.

    You feel alone in this cold cruel world
    with no real hope or sense of worth
    the feelings overwhelm you
    and you wish you hadn't survived birth.

    Every day you awaken and get through each long day
    you wonder why you still go on
    Things don't seem to be going your way
    and you feel all joy is gone

    You continue to strive for perfection
    with each struggle you face day to day
    you feel you've lost the life connection
    and get on your knees and pray.

    -Jacqueline Swatzell

    I live a life full of guillt and shame
    with no sense of worth or hope
    I always wonder who is to blame
    and wonder how I'll cope.

    In my ninteen pointless years of life
    I've suffered with family and friends
    we've made it through much hearthache and strife
    and promised our support till the end.

    Some people keep their promise, their word
    will others betray me so
    I feel like I haven't been heard
    and each person I face is a foe.

    I'll continue this "unhealthy" way of life
    'till my dying day has come
    I wish I could cut so deep with a knife
    to feel so relieve and so numb.

    -Jacqueline Swatzell
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.