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  1. Nessa Doll

    Nessa Doll Member

    Hey there I just joined this forum and well i thought i would share this poem i wrote with you all which i am also turning into a drama solo. It is pretty much about me..and all.............It is probably the only somewhat decent thing i will ever write lol....It is Untitled cause I could not think of a good enough name to grace it with.

    I think it's time for her to go
    So say your goodbyes and keep them long
    You came to her so quickly
    But you left all the more swiftly
    Commiting is an easy thing
    But she is not
    She gave you her soul
    It used to be hers
    It's yours now
    And it will be
    That is how it is now
    Change cannot come
    The words spoken will remain unchanged
    The lie is still there
    But the truth is alone
    She can see the sorrow
    She can't fix it
    Not today
    So it remains
    Like the hairs on her legs
    To be shaved later
    And sliced away
    But the slicing will not cease
    It hurts
    It's agony
    But it soothes
    And the blood runs
    The blood will always run
    But it's journey is not endless
    The feathers tickle
    But they do not smile
    One day it will not burn
    But the heat will still remain
    The eyeliner runs
    Down the endless corridors
    Worriers worry
    And criers cry
    Lovers love
    And drowners drown
    Soulmates are forever
    The false hope is still there
    Holding up the line
    And the hat crumbles
    As the flowers fall.
  2. Petal

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    so beautiful :heart:
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