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  1. :dunno: :unsure:

    The thoughts in my head,
    they won't go away
    and they prevent me from living,
    just one 'normal' day.

    I ask for guidance,
    a word of advice,
    just a fresh new face,
    a new outlook on life.

    I've given my all,
    with no chance to move on.
    I'm too broken and tired,
    just a fake, a con.

    So until I am saved,
    I'll continue to fall,
    with no hope for improvement,
    I'll make no more calls.

    I'm done with living,
    this is goodbye to each of you.
    One last and final farewell,
    the final deed I shall do.
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    please dont go jac pm me or we can talk on MSN *hug:sad:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.