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  1. nordic_nord914

    nordic_nord914 New Member

    I'm bored. I'm not fulfilled by my life or any path I take. I'm out of the navy, or I was enlisted as a nuclear operator but I opted not to go to boot camp, which is completely legal and not going AWOL. I was released from any obligation. Now I'm in college going for my true passion, which is oil painting, fine arts, but I find myself taking meaningless and unimportant classes simply to qualify for my degree. I find it a waste of time. I'm not living how I want to, and I don't want to hear bullshit about how I have to wait before it gets better. I've been waiting and trying new things.

    I guess I'm just ill-suited to survive in a such a world devoid of emotion.
  2. wastedmylife

    wastedmylife Well-Known Member

    if you just dont show up at boot camp or phone someone and tell them you dont want to go, is that considered AWOL? I joined the Army 9 years ago, I wound up getting a general discharge(during basic), but I remember taking the connecting flight from NY to Cincinnati and was thinking of staying on the plane to go to Las Vegas or when I was in the Cincinnati airport I felt this peace and happiness for the first time in my life and I felt like ditching the Army at the airport and going on an adventure, sure wish I trusted my fucking instincts back then
  3. nordic_nord914

    nordic_nord914 New Member

    Wow, sounds totally like how I am. It's completely legal, you're only binded after you arrive at basic. I swore in once before basic, but it doesn't matter unless you are actually at basic. Then you're in.

    I've recently have had wishes to just go and ride bike around America, but I don't have any funds to do so, sometimes I don't care. I think I need to stop trying to follow suit. Life is fucking boring. I think stirring things up impulsively is the only way I maintain myself.
  4. Stranger1

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    You know it is to bad you didn't go thru boot camp! I went in the Marines,sure it was tuff but they made a man out of me rather than being a drug crazed hippy. Before boot camp all i lived for was getting high!
    Graduation day was the proudest day of my life. I had actually made it thru boot camp.
    I went to California for MOS school, then Okinawa, and the Phillipines. Then my Captain rail roaded me out just for having a marijuana pipe. NO weed just the pipe. Man that hurt because I was all set to be a lifer.
    I actually liked being in the service. I still got an honorable discharge. I will always be proud of those days.
    It sounds like you are just bored with life! you need to find something that can make you proud when you graduate. It sounds like you really like art. Sorry to tell you, when you are in college you have to take other courses. Now if you go to a community college sometimes you can take vocational classes. That way it is the only class you have to worry about. Good Luck in your ventures!!!~Joseph~
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