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  1. LostandConfused

    LostandConfused Well-Known Member

    I want to cry, I want to scream out,
    I’m opening my mouth, but nothing comes out,
    I say that I’m fine, nothing on my mind,
    But I’m trapped in the sands of time, as it falls I begin to drown.
    I hammer on the glass, but no sound comes through.
    I’d burst and explode before I’d tell you.
    As every grain falls, it lands on my head,
    But I’d rather be dead, before this gets said.

    I’m slipping, I’m in pain, I’m losing my grip,
    Tripping down a curb feels like falling off a cliff.
    I have all these needs, the want to bleed,
    And no one can see them behind this smokescreen.
    The walls around me are crumbling, I’m stumbling,
    I’m fumbling as I feebly try to keep up my guard.
    The ground cracks beneath me, leaving an incomplete me,
    I’m not ready to break free or pick up the pieces.

    Shakespeare said all the worlds a stage, well if that’s the case,
    How many other are stuck in this place?
    Faking a smile, trying to laugh,
    Fooling around, acting in farce.
    People see me as a joker, but it’s all just a game,
    The same, if you will, as taking part in a play,
    This play will end eventually and I fear that day,
    As I won’t be able to tell you a word then, not even sorry.
  2. Kiba

    Kiba Well-Known Member

    Im sry if your feeling this way, however I did enjoy your poem.
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