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    Watching the waves crash upon the shore,
    I know living my life, is just a chore.
    Walking along the high cliff top,
    I just keep on going, i dont want to stop.
    Seeing my breath in the freezing cold air,
    Living my life, but i just dont care.
    Continuing walking, i begin to feel weak,
    I wont look to the future, because for me it looks bleak.
    I dont know what my heart wants, or what it desires,
    To end my life, i could set my house on fire...
    Im only 19, but yet i feel old,
    My heart is so bitter, but also so cold.
    I dont want to feel emotion, i only feel pain,
    I dont want all this suffering, but is it a gain?
    The feel of the small, cold, silver blade,
    Out on the floor, my body is laid.
    The confusion, the hurt, the pain and the stress,
    This one little action, could make it considerably less.
    Watching the blood run and drip,
    Watching my life away slowly slip.
    Im sorry for the sadness, i didnt mean to make you cry,
    But now do you see that i do deserve to die?!
    I deserve to be 6ft under, in my own little box,
    Covered in mud and completely forgot.
    Dont remember me for the life that i led,
    It was always a lie, i deserve to be dead!
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    :hug: im here if you wanna talk x
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