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  1. xXxRNBxXx

    xXxRNBxXx Senior member

    Just come across this i written quite a few years ago......

    Life down that walkway,
    of the same old street,
    passing by day by day.

    The one love in my life,
    gone for good!
    The trees clatter the,
    breeze cold like the frost,
    on my face.

    My heart pounding but will,
    soon stop.
    I'll always be around even,
    if my bodys not...
  2. Sa Palomera

    Sa Palomera Well-Known Member

    well, I already gave my opinion on this, but didn't want to leave the thread without saying anything, so yeah. I think it's good.
    :hug: for you
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    good write but i hope you will be around both body and soul and mind stay strong okay
  4. xXxRNBxXx

    xXxRNBxXx Senior member

    Day by day we fight so hard,
    Im trying my best to stay strong,
    Praying that one day the pain will fade,
    Then I can carry on life without you.

    Every waking day theres memories of you,
    They follow me where ever I go,
    Please believe me this is for the best,
    I hope one day you will understand.

    This isn't so easy for a girl like me,
    Please open your eyes to see,
    In years to come we will look back,
    We will both be happy and thats a fact.

    Love you forever and always I promise xxx
  5. Sa Palomera

    Sa Palomera Well-Known Member

    dunno what to say. :hug: :hug: :hug:

    You're stronger than you think Rachel. Love you x
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