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    I am a king, I am a god
    I built my world from nothing
    I reflected myself upon my world
    Unstable, ever-changing.
    One moment, it is colourful and manic
    The next, it is dark and demented
    I can not trust my own mind
    But I must not worry

    For I myself must end my world
    Every thousand years
    I come as the Grey
    I bring my world to its knees
    I end everything
    I bring order to chaos
    I destroy.

    And I wake again, to rebuild
    Piece by piece
    I know how it ends again
    It's an eternal cycle
    But I try and break it

    I brought forth an outsider
    A mortal man of strength
    He will be tested,
    he will be trusted.
    I shall forge him to be my champion
    And he will save my world.

    And so he rose up
    From obscurity to power
    I made him into my champion
    And told him what to do
    He stopped the grey,
    he saved my world.
    He ended the Grey.
    He ended me.

    (Bonus points to whom get the reference.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.