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  1. TearsDropBloodTrickles

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    Can you take this tear from my eye?
    Can you take away my want to die?
    No sun shines in my world
    No white clouds contrast on the blue sky
    No smiles, no loves and no hugs
    I trusted you; I thought you would take this feeling away
    But when I’m with you it only grew
    My insecurities, my feelings of hate,
    This isn’t love, you just feel sorry for me
    Why don’t you just go away?
    I’ve removed myself from your world
    I live in dark skies. Clouded by dark thoughts

    This pain won’t go away
    It starts again each day
    No matter the reason, not matter the excuse.
    This pain I always feel, even when I’m with you
    I thought you’d save me, help me
    But like everyone else you’ve failed me
    And a new black cloud has entered my sky
    For no matter how hard I try. I hate you
    And I still want to cry
  2. TearsDropBloodTrickles

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    And Another...

    I look at you, I know the tears you’ve cried
    The struggles you’ve survived
    I want to pull you down
    Ask you
    Scream at you
    How do you say so strong?
    What am I doing wrong?
    Why do I give up, praying to god that I will die
    When you sit there with this sweet little smile
    I envy you, hate you, want to be you
    Your life I always think is so much worse
    Then how comes its me who still hurts?
    Why am I trapped in an endless spiral?
    How have you grown and flown the nest?
    And why do I hurt so much,
    that I want to pull you down?
    Oh look I’m crying again, and I bet your not
    Sitting here slitting my wrists in my mind
    Not even strong enough to do that,
    something you’ve done time after time
    I stare through my window, looking at you
    I stare through hollow eyes, yours so big and wide
    Inside I’m dead, but inside for you
    Your heart beats inside a warm chest, your still alive
    Pulling out my hair, and screaming in my head,
    so why aren’t I?
  3. TearsDropBloodTrickles

    TearsDropBloodTrickles Well-Known Member

    Just One More...

    You want to know what’s wrong? I’ll tell you
    Each day I go to bed and pray that in the morning I will not wake
    Everyday I wonder, why do you hate me? And why does that lead me to hate myself?
    Crying myself to sleep, begging to die, I ask myself why?
    Yet another choice that was not my own has caused me affliction
    What could I know of love? Something I only wish for. I’d settle for just the love of a friend, but even that do I have?
    My words and my tears my only release
    As sweet melodies sooth me to sleep
    A family I have none, not a brother nor sister, father or mother. A friend maybe just the one, for all the rest can be undone.
    This life I cannot take anymore, this pain is too strong
    I’d rather give into death then take another breath…
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