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  1. NutJob

    NutJob Member

    Hi everyone,

    After reading a small selection of the amazing poetry that has been posted to this section of the forum, I feel inspired to share some of mine with you too. I don't really share my poetic side with that many people, so please be gentle! Here goes nothing.....

    So many words have been spoken, what else can really be said?
    Does expressing my feelings through writing lessen the torment in my head?
    How about the daily routine of popping those innocuous looking pills
    As you honestly doubt any benefits will be reaped from something so small
    What of the countless e-mails you have typed to an anonymous figure?
    Or the times you've attempted a release in the form of a picture?
    Even the most personal and private of methods employed to obtain some relief
    No longer brings with it the euphoria of seeing your blood being shed

    So, you find yourself approaching the end of the road, once more
    At the realisation the only fulfillment shall be achieved when you're no longer here
    And, like a lonely hitch-hiker waiting for the ride to their final destination
    You climb aboard the unknown vessel that will hurtle you into oblivion
    Relinquishing any miniscule remnants of control to try and steer in the right direction
    Because you know where you're heading leaves no time for introspection
    Which comes as a relief, for you have done plenty of this already
    Without gaining any visible benefits, or sense of clarity
    Instead, you strap yourself in and prepare for the last journey of your life
    Relishing the moment when you achieve the welcome escape of death

    NB: None of my titles have poems - it's difficult enough to come up with them!

    Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings, it is much appreciated :smile:
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Well written poem i hope the last journey will be that of not death but of finding yourself and find peace within
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