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    Look at all those grins.
    They can’t help it when she’s near.
    Her silly jokes and warm smile,
    Make it impossible to hold back.
    Light and joy seem to radiate from her,
    Even on the darkest of days.
    It’s all around, except in her heart.
    While she’s cracking a joke,
    The pain is cracking a hole in her heart.

    The life of the party hides her blackened heart,
    Behind her bright smile.
    She is trying so hard to keep the pain out;
    Out of her eyes, mind, and soul.
    Her baby blues sparkle with a hint of sorrow.
    Everyday she prays that her pain goes unnoticed.
    What would they say?
    After all this time, the longing should be gone.
    Her sweet laugh, and light hearted smile
    Will keep them oblivious, at least for a while,
    To the emptiness inside.
    Emptiness left from the love that slipped away.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.