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  1. thedeafmusician

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    dont really like this one... but still feel like posting for some reason. Oh and a title idea would be good too.

    Is everywhere
    It’s a funny thing

    Goes fast
    When you’re enjoying yourself
    But if you’re bored
    It goes slower than
    The pace of a snail

    You could swear
    The clock ticks backwards
    But it really keeps going on
    It flies by too fast
    When you’re an adult
    And yet while your waiting for something
    It seems to just keep going
    And going
    Too slowly
    It seems to just stop
    And come to a standstill

    Sometimes I wonder
    If the world’s like a movie
    And somebody
    The audience out there
    Keeps sitting on the remote
    Fast forward
    They really need to learn
    Can’t get it right
    It never goes how we want
    But somehow it still works in their eyes
    They’re stubborn in that way I think

    I guess it’s sorta for our own good
    That they do that
    But is it really?
    To be controlled
    Like this?
    I wonder...
    And time still keeps ticking by
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    lovely!! :hug:
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