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    I built a bridge over the last hole you blew in my path to the future, when you acted in ways of malice and spite, and you thought a word could fix the hurt. The word sorry is a sign of remorse, but from you, it’s a word, it’s a quick fix to the fuckup you created once again. The pain still lies within my mind and burns away at my present thoughts as the memory of you poisons my relationships and clouds my view. Denial, optimism and fabricated happiness are the bandaids I place on the holes of my heart, the place where I felt affection for you, and residue of love still rest within. I thought I figured you out, but you remain a corrupt enigma of your friends creation, a puppet of societies bullshit, your existence fuels my lapse in concentration, and how sad that I once thought the best idea I ever had, was keeping it all a secret…
    my heart was still healing, and I let you hold it, I let it love you and you crushed it, you crushed me, I am another victim, and when today is fucked, and tomorrow carries the baggage of today, when you heart is crushed whilst it is still torn out from the last time you abused me , and it hurts to think, when not even jesus will lend a hand, its hard to look forward to tomorrow and see a better day with a bright future...

    A passage I wrote. It has no rhythm or structure, just feelings. Sorry for the language.
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    It doesnt have to have rhythm or structure... its beautiful as it is. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. What terrific and honest stream of consciousness...

    Like a "run-on poem" - form doesn't matter - it's great expression...

  4. Petal

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    awesome work hun!
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