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    i ran from my troubles
    I ran from the pain
    it was meant to make this better
    not make me go insane
    You're so far away now
    As good as dead to me
    So why can't i shake this urge
    to duck my head and flee
    I hate what you did to me
    and what i have become
    You corrupted my heart
    and into fear i have succumbed
    I cannot fathom
    What has brought this fear to light
    The girl with all the courage
    has vanished from my sight
    she fought her battles valiantly
    held on until the end
    But when the danger was truly gone
    her mind cracked so it could mend
    someday i will find the center
    between me and this girl, so brave
    and we will be the same again
    when from the horrors i am saved

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.