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Up again... scared to take the sleeping pill...

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I know I should take the sleeping pill, the doctor gave it to me for a reason. I'm just scared of it, scared of becoming too dependent, scared it may not work. It worked last night, and this morning was nice because of it, but I'm still scared of it. He only gave me 7 nights worth, I don't see how that will help, that's a tease... like he's saying "Here, sleep for a week, then go back to exhaustion next week." This really blows. I know I should take it, but what's the point?


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I try my best to avoid pills, they all look the same. I have no idea what they really are just because a man in white coat tells me that they are <insert name of medication> and they cure <insert name of illness> doesn't mean it's true.

If you think it's going to help and you want it then by all means take it, it's worked for you once so it should work again. It might only be for a week but at least it a short break.


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I remember reading the list of side effects my friend's anti-depression pills could give you, i couldn't quite believe how long the list was.

It seems medication will only subsitute one illness for another rather than cure it.


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Hmm I don't know but did your doctor prescribe sleeping pills because you couldn't sleep due to depression? If so, you'll be able to sleep on your own when depression is less severe.
No, I've never been able to sleep well. It's been this way for as long as I can remember. I've even had doctors suggest that my Insomnia is partly the cause of my depression.
I went without insurance for years, so never was able to see a doctor, you get free medical care when you're pregnant though, and it was the OB that gave them to me at my 3 week check up after my abortion. The guilt and other feelings, plus the bad dreams have taken me from 5 or 6 hours sleep a week to 2 or 3 hours a week. There was a time when I could sleep every 3rd night, if I was exhausted enough, but not now, not since this.
I'm sure it will get back to my version of normal, but right now it's killing me.


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I have a small number of sleeping pills on perscription, But I don't like taking them. I find them very addictive and comming off them is very distressing.
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