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Update, and a belated Merry Xmas to all

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Human Ex Machinae

Void Where Prohibited
Hi everybody, I hope you're all managing to get through the one-two punch combo of the holiday season in one piece and in good health. I wanted to let you guys know that I'm alive and doing well, really well, because I've managed to stay booze free the last few weeks. I had to disappear for awhile because in order to put a stop to one particularly bad habit, I had to stop or alter all of my habits. Wipe the slate clean, sort of. That might make sense to some of you out there who have gone through something similar.
So, I'm still on Earth, and still an SFer. I'll be easing my brain back here gradually. Slowly though, because it's a very skittish brain*confused I'll definitely be back before New Years.

Keep being wonderful, all you guys*grouphug2


babaya gayolera
I'm glad you're back alive and well, but I don't understand why would you wanna stay away from booze... ok, just kidding man, a few weeks sober is more than fucking great! *hug
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