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Hello 👋

I am doing a lot better now. I'm starting to pick up some of old habits and interests again.

I used to listen to just heavy metal music because it was numbing in a way. Now I'm listening to more diverse music genres and I want to feel what the music is about.

Maddie and I are still very close.

Cole and I are closer now than we have ever been it seems like. Every night at midnight we watch a show together. Right now we are watching the show ”Titans” by DC. It's ok but he really enjoys it.

I'm in a better place financially and that always helps. I am looking at buying a house by the end of the year.

I think forgiving my son for the horrible ”act” he did, was really the turning point.

I had so much anger directed towards the whole situation. Once I forgave him other smaller things started falling into place.

My physical health issues are better and for the first time, I am starting to care about how I look. Not just doing stuff to be a role model for my kids, but because I want this change.

I still have bad moments but they don't wash over me long periods of time like they used too. When they happen, I now recognize it as what it is and how to deal with it. When I get down, I now take the dog for a walk and that really helps me.

I have much better ”sight” into myself and my problems. This helps me understand myself better.

I wish everyone here a good day and plz be kind to yourself.


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