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Me and you know who are back on. Yes I'm crazy, I've took that lying good for nothing back purely to stop feeling lonely. My health was poor without her and my appetite didn't exist. I lost so much weight in my depressive state I had to win her back from the grasp of another man. She's sincerely sorry, and I've forgiven her. I love her I can't help that and people say I deserve better but I just didn't see a flock of girls queueing around the block.

She has realised her mistake I think and isn't confused anymore. We had a heart to heart and I showed her I'm the best guy for her. I stated most men are like cowboys but I'm different I'm the sheriff!

Their is something about her that makes me unable to give up and walk away. Other girls in the past I'd have walked and not looked back.

Going to the beach with a friend tomorrow so I had better get some sleep. We're going to see a friend I had a thing for in the past whose boyfriend is treating her like a mug. Nothing can happen she has a kid and I'm not the fatherly type. I'm accepting I may be inflicted with pain again soon but when you've got people vowing to be your man I'm sure anybody's head would be turned.

For the time being I'm happy. It's better if I'm with her and await pain then to be without and in pain right? If their are girls who I deserve to be with then where are they?! :(

Toot it and boot it as N-Dubz say :) x


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May this go-around with your girlfriend be long-lasting and fulfilling! I wish you the best of luck and am happy to see you both back together. :hugtackles:


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Hey - at the end of the day - there were two men fighting for her heart - until a woman is committed to you - you will often a find a rival.

If she is worth fighting for - you man up - win her heart and we all live happily ever after until one of us lies dead.

And I did tell you to have a heart to heart!

See - men like us, so silvery tongued, so clever - we are 'the man'.

Good luck brother.

Now - attend to other areas of life also.

Be someone who matters.

Don't live an ordinary life.
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