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    Ok so when I was at my part time job tonight one of my coworkers told me my Mom called looking for me this past Wednesday, something about my uncle being ill.

    So I called her from my cell and my dad's brother has stage 3 throat cancer.

    Later after work when I called her from home, (I havent talked to her in months) she told me that her sister's (my aunts) are mad at me, for not helping my mom thru her knee replacement time. My mom probably never mentioned to them I couldnt take the damned time off of work.

    So as the conversation continued she started piling on the depression crap (just like I knew she would) and I told that I was ending the conversation, and that I had to go, and hung up.

    I will not let her, or anyone else bring me down again. I won't! I can't! I owe to my wife and kids (as the nucleus of my family) to not EVER get suicidal again.

    And I have enough on my plate without getting lectured to and brought down as if I were a fricking little kid.

    So my uncle may be dying, and my Mom is crazy as ever and my Aunts are pissed at me.

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    You be on your side in this Bill - just don't start feeling guilty ok? :hug: